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Bitter Years
Italy, 2019, 112', eng. sub., slo. sub.

Slovenia only

Direced by: Andrea Adriatico
Cast: Nicola Di Benedetto, Sandra Ceccarelli, Antonio Catania
Bitter Years retraces the life of Mario Mieli, among the founders of the Italian Homosexual Liberation Movement, created at the beginning of the Seventies. Born in 1952 in Milan, Mario killed himself in 1983, before he was 31. He was an activist, an intellectual, a writer and a performer: a key figure in the Italian cultural panorama at that time, together with his friends architect Corrado Levi, painter Piero Fassoni singer Ivan Cattaneo, activist Angelo Pezzana, writer Fernanda Pivano and poet Milo De Angelis. He liked to provoke and to be an innovator but, today, his thought has been completely forgotten.

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