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The Silent Generation
Spain, 2020, 61’, eng. sub., slo. sub.
Online - Cinesquare
Defiant Souls
Cuba/Switzerland, 2019, 95’, eng. sub., slo. sub.

Slovenia only

Directed by: Laura Cazador, Fernando Pérez Valdés
Cast: Antonio Buíl, Giselle González, Mario Guerra, Héctor Noas, Sylvie Testud
At the beginning of the 19th century, the Swiss doctor Enrique Faber (Sylvie Testud) went to Cuba to look for his son. Finding himself in front of the ruins of a coffee plantation, he discovers that his son has been involved in a slave revolt and is dead. Faber settles in Baracoa and gradually begins to understand the complex and contradictory Cuban society.
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