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Slovenian Cinematheque
Čap – trenutki odločitev
Slovenia/Czech, 2016, 53', slo. sub.
Directed by: Urban Arsenjuk
This documentary is a portrait of a successful filmmaker and a very lonely and unhappy man. All he knew and wanted to do was make films. In a career spanning thirty-one years, he made thirty-two films and, despite his youth, won the prestigious Venice Film Festival Prize and the Grand Prix at the first Cannes Film Festival. Despite this, he fought against ideologies that constantly suffocated him: first Nazism, then Communism. Just when it looked as if he had found his peace in Yugoslavia, an oasis of peace, he was forced to fight the envy, tercialism and hidden xenophobia of the Slovenes. On the occasion of the 110th anniversary of Čapov's birth.

In cooperation with the Association of Slovenian Directors.
Slovenian Cinematheque
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