Thursday, 14. 12. 23
Ptuj City Cinema
20.000 especies de abejas/20,000 Species of Bees
Spain, 2023, 129’, slo. sub.
Slovenian Cinematheque
Orlando, ma biographie politique/Orlando, My Political Biography
France, 2023, 98’, slo. sub.
Slovenian Cinematheque
Short movies
MKSMC Botegin, Glagoljaška 4, Koper
France/Germany, 2023, 92’, slo. sub.
Directed by: Ira Sachs
On the final day of his shoot filmmaker Tomas is visibly tense. At the wrap party, Tomas falls first into the arms of his husband Martin, but then he meets a young primary school teacher, Agathe. The next morning, Tomas proudly tells Martin that he has slept with a woman. As this one-night stand grows into something more, the relationship between the two men begins to change. A tale of relationships that is marked by passion, jealousy and narcissism unfolds in which each shows scant sensitivity for the needs of the others.

The film is only available to viewers from Slovenia.

intimate Cinema, GT22, Glavni trg 22, Maribor
Venuseffekten/The Venus effect
Denmark, 2021, 104’ eng. sub., slo. sub.
Slovenian Cinematheque
Todo el silencio/All the Silence
Mexico, 2023, 80’, eng. sub., slo. sub.