Sunday, 19. 12. 21
Cultural Centre Q (Tiffany)
Eastern Perspectives
Directed by: Katja Štefanec, Asja Novak, Edi Klobučar;
Svetlana Sigalaeva
With Four You Can Play Bridge, Slovenia, 2021, 29’
The rise of the authoritarianism of the current right-wing government is becoming impossible to ignore. How do we fight the emerging fear and the despondency? The short documentary With Four You Can Play Bridge follows Edi as he tries to grapple with what the current situation might mean for his activism. Starting from his own experience with queer activism in Ljubljana, Edi starts looking outward to other contexts and movements in the rest of Slovenia, as well as in Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and Czech Republic.

Bad daughter, Rusija, 2021, 25’
It is a story of forbidden love between two female high school students who dream of escaping the hypocritical, fake world of the adults.

Talk on the rising threat of homophobia and transfobia in Eastern Europe after the screenings: with Dmity Kuzmin, Katja Štefanec...
Cultural Centre Q (Tiffany)
OFF: Jan Soldat Shorts
Austria/Germany, 75’