Saturday, 16. 12. 23
Slovenian Cinematheque
Čap – trenutki odločitev
Slovenia/Czech, 2016, 53', slo. sub.
Slovenian Cinematheque
Making Up
GB, 2023, 15', eng. sub.
Slovenian Cinematheque
20.000 especies de abejas/20,000 Species of Bees
Spain, 2023, 129’, slo. sub.
Youth Center, Bistrica ob Sotli
Ex You
Serbia, 2023, 70’, eng. sub.
Directed by: Milina Trišić
Through the diverse life stories of three transgender individuals, the film poses the question of freedom, understanding, and acceptance in countries torn between traditional principles and aspirations toward the West. Helena is an early retired major, the first military person in Serbia to do gender transition. Kamila is from Bosnia and Herzegovina, still hoping for transition in Serbia after years of trying. Vuk was baptized in Montenegro as the first transgender person who did not complete the transition at that time. His gender transition unexpectedly saved his life.

The film is only available to viewers from Slovenia.

MKSMC Botegin, Glagoljaška 4, Koper
La amiga de mi amiga/Girlfriends and Girlfriends
Spain, 2022, 85’, eng. sub., slo. sub
Slovenian Cinematheque
After Work
Germany, 2023, 5', eng. sub
Slovenian Cinematheque
Arrête avec tes mensonges/Lie With Me
France, 2022, 98’, eng. sub., slo. sub.
K4 Club
Pink K4 - Closing party