Monday, 12. 12. 22
Slovenian Cinematheque
Fado Menor
Portugal, 2022, 7’, eng. sub.
Slovenian Cinematheque
Three Tidy Tigers Tied a Tie Tighter (Três tigres tristes)
Brazil, 2022, 86’, eng. sub.
Directed by: Gustavo Vinagre
Three young queer people drift through a city bled dry by the pandemic and rampant capitalism, remembering each other’s late lovers, sharing their experiences with HIV, getting makeup tips, and ultimately coming together with others forgotten by society for an antique revue in the salon of a singer named Mirta. In this affable, surrealist survey of a politically imposed amnesia, a queer era has dawned in which memories can only survive because they are shared collectively and passed on through effective relationships.
Slovenian Cinematheque
Sweden/Belgium/Norway, 2022, 92’, eng. sub., slo. sub.
Intimate Cinema, GT22, Glavni trg 22, Maribor
Peter von Kant
France, 2022, 85’, slo. sub.
Slovenian Cinematheque
A Distant Place
South Koreja, 2021, 119’ , eng. sub., slo. sub.