1. Clear your Web Browser's cache.

This is not a question, but the answer to most of the problems you may encounter. Especially if you registered or accessed any pages on Cinesquare before the official start of the festival. This is the first action to take, if you encounter any problem.

Instructions for Firefox: in English

Insructions for Chrome: in English

2. How can I register on the festival platform?

·       Click on SIGN IN button

·       Click on REGISTER

·       Field all the empty boxes with your information’s and click again on the REGISTER

·       You will receive a massage that an activation link is sent to your email.

·       Check your email and search for the email with the activation link. (Also check spam mail)

·       Click on the link and your profile will be activated and you can log in into the festival page.

3. I have registered, but I cannot connect to the platform.

Make sure that you have activated your account, by following the link that Cinesquare emailed to you when you registered.
Make sure that your Password is correct. Use Reset Password and change your Password.
Only numbers and letters a-z (uppercase and lowercase) are valid for your Username and Password. If you used anything else
If you included another non-Latin letters: Send an email to with the Subject: Non-Latin Letters on my account in LGBT Festival.  The technical service will change your username and inform you about the new one.

4. The player starts, but it does not display the film.

Your network is not allowing the video traffic. Probably a firewall is blocking this traffic. Contact your network administrator.

5. From which devices can I watch movies?

You can watch movies on Cinesquare/LIFFE festival from: PC, laptop, tablet, TV with Android Box or mobile device via Web and Mobile Browser. Supported versions of the browsers include Chrome 60+, Firefox 40+, Safari 5+, IE 11+ as well as Android and iOS versions of the browsers. You can also watch movies from Chromecast.

6. How do I connect my phone or laptop to watch movies on TV?

You can easily do it via WiFi and simply cast the screen to your TV. If your TV is not Smart, you can connect your device via HDMI cable and enjoy watching movies on a larger screen.

7. How to turn on a subtitle?

When the movie starts, the Slovenian subtitle will start automatically. However, in case if it does not start, you will see the option to activate any of the available subtitles on the right side of the player on the CC button. By simply clicking on the desired subtitle, it will be activated.

 For technical support please contact: