During the festival week, you can watch a selection of LGBT+ short films online:

Code Switch, Micha Lyric Borneo, USA, 2022, 5’, eng. sub.

Codeswitch follows a Black trans person as they navigate the barbershop, illuminating the complexity and dynamism of gender expression.

Os Animais Mais Fofos e Engraçados do Mundo (The Cutest and Funniest Animals in the World), Renato Sircilli, Brazil, 2023, 24', eng. sub.

Jorge is 70 years old and is one of the most capricious and dedicated anitors at the Paradise Motel, except for a single detail: He secretly records the audios of the room’s guests.

A Worldly Woman of Indomitable spirit, Huiqiun Wang, Andrej Kamnik, Slovenia, 2022, 11’

The short animated film is based on the previously published book by Huiqin Wang, entitled Little Alma on the Great Road (2020). The story is about her peculiar personality, her youth, her stay in Japan and her work and life there. The film summarizes the personality of Alma Karlin, part of her journey around the world, and shows feelings that we did not know about her. The genre of the animation could be defined as a poetic document by the cosmopolitan and writer Alma Karlin.

Cowboy, Choker, Harness & Heart, Nicolás Blanco, Julia Ponce Diaz, USA, 2023, 8’, eng. sub.

Highlighting both the destrucive and construcive natures of desire, four partygoers grapple with the limits of commitment in the bathroom of a gay rave.

La vie au Canada (Life in Canada), Fréderic Rosset, France, 2023, 23', eng. sub.

Sarah goes to the weekend of her parents' anniversary accompanied by Hermione, 10 years old, the daughter of her partner. But the absence of this last one does not delay to raise the interrogations…

Lines, Hanna Trofimova, Ukraine, 2023, 40’, eng. sub.

Three different stories of people from the Ukrainian LGBT+ community, united by one war line.

Madar Basteh (CCTV), Samira Karimi, Iran, 2023, 10’, eng. sub.

2 lesbian high school girls who decide to erase footage from the school's CCTV cameras end up getting locked up at school.

Making Up, Ryan Paige, VB, 2023, 15', eng. sub.

Set in the late 1980s, framed within the gritty drag scene of London's east end. 

NEMOZHLYVE (IMPOSSIBLE), Denis Zakharov, Ukraine, 2022, 24’, eng. sub.

A documentary film about the courage, resilience, and sacrifice of numerous Ukrainian charitable organisations druing the Russian invasion.

Aban, Abbas Taheri, Mahdie Toosi, Iran/France, 2022, 16', eng. sub.

Under constant pressure from her ex-husband, Nazanin should turn their child Aban, nine years old away from a very driven feminine taste. One day, Aban goes to the hospital thinking of undergoing life-changing surgery.

The short films are available on this LINK or under the PROGRAMME tab.