Once again, we will be awarding the Pink Dragon Prize at the LGBT Film Festival, as chosen by the international jury. This year's jury consists of:

Iztok Klančar is a storyteller and teacher who works with moving images. Based in Amsterdam, he makes experimental films and teaches at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. He rewrites personal stories and observations into fictional narratives and scripts which reveal the inner lives of our sexual personae. In his recent work, Remembering the Nights in Safe Haven (2020), Klančar addressed the sudden disappearance of nightlife in the queer community in Amsterdam. He is currently working on an immersive film installation and performance (Stories) that draws its source from the darker side of queer intimacy.

Sina Früh studied English literature and linguistics, film studies, and gender studies at the University of Zurich (UZH). During and after her education she has worked in various positions related to film and culture, for instance as a research assistant at the film studies department at UZH. She was also active in film production, music festival organization, and with «letsmuseeum», where she co-developed and gave tours on feminism and female artists at Kunsthaus Zurich. In 2015 she joined Switzerland’s largest queer film festival Pink Apple where she is now artistic co-director. 

Uroš Goričan is an author and producer for television, film, content for mobile and online platforms, and advertising. As a screenwriter, he worked on TV series and a short animated film. As a producer, he produced documentary films and a feature film. During his career he also experimented with multi-platform (film) narrative formats for online and mobile platforms.